Welcome to the VATSIM Europe Region Dashboard Documentation Section (EURDB). The EURDB system allows members and staff of the VATSIM Europe Region to quickly manage and maintain a local infrastructure containing vACCs, Divisions and Regions.

The EURDB system is, as previously mentioned a Region, Division and vACC Management resource created by the VATSIM Europe Region (VATEUR) [A special thanks goes to Matan Budimir, Nikolas Goerlitz and Néstor Pérez] and is used by members of VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network). It allows not only members to easily take theoretical examinations, but also allows staff members of all levels (vACC, Divisional, Regional) to manage their duties such as rating upgrades, process controller practical tests (CPTs), etc. It allows staff members to have an overview of activities going on in their area of 'work' and allows a more efficient working ethic.

The EUR Dashboard system contains a number of roles containing different permissions depending on your user group. BoG Members will have a different access than vACC Mentors and only their duties will be unlocked. These levels / permission nodes can be managed by the staff at any point and can allow different roles to view different areas of the system.

In the following chapters you will be introduced to the variety of EUR Dashboard features and instructions on how to use these.

Browser Choice

NOTE: If you are using the VATSIM Europe Region Dashboard as a user or staff member, the latest versions of either Firefox and / or Chrome and / or Safari are recommended in order to provide the most seamless experience. Edge / Internet Explorer on the other hand are not recommended and may limit the functionality of the website.


The VATSIM Europe Region Dashboard is currently hosted at http://eur.matanbudimir.de