Member Dashboard


The member dashboard allows all users which are logged into the VATSIM Europe Region Dashboard System to view and manage parts of their account. This page will guide you through the menu bar on the left, as well as the general features which are presented to you.

Dashboard Overview

On the main dashboard page you have personal information displayed. This includes, but is not limited to your Name, E-Mail address and ATC Rating. Moreover, details such as your current Region and Division are displayed and are used in order to assign correct permissions to the user (eg. Guest / Home Member). The page also includes both a "Request GDPR Data" as well as a "Request Account Removal" button.

Request GDPR Data

Pressing this button will search our databases for all the information stored on our servers. It will return all your data in a {format} format that allows you to easily view your data. If you wish for us to remove all this data, please read the section "Request Account Removal" below.

Request Account Removal

All members that have logged into the system are eligible to have their accounts removed permanently as per the GDPR. To do this, click on the button labelled "Request Account Removal". A field will pop up which will promt you to enter your CID as a confirmation that you want to delete this account. Enter your CID and the "Confirm Removal" button will be enabled. Once this is the case, click on the button and we will instantly begin with erasing the data of your account.

{danger} The removal of your account is permanent and will remove all the data we have stored about you including theoretical exams, events you have organised / taken part in, previous bookings, approvals, etc. Think carefully about this decision since it can not be undone and all data will be lost.


Notifications are messages which are intended to be read by the end user and are of significance to him or her. Notifications will include messages pointing out the availability of certain exams, or staff actions depending on your current role (eg. Region Staff can see Division Staff actions). These can be marked as "read" by either clicking on the bell at the top of the screen and clicking the "Mark all as read" button or by individually marking the notifications as read in the table by clicking the eye icon displayed on the right side of the notification.


The timeline is a more statistical view of your recent acheivements. It stores things such as passed exams, assignments of staff positions and other things and is displayed in a chronological order.


The statistics page offers a greater insight into both your Pilot and ATC activities on the VATSIM Network. It is split into 2 parts of textual and graphical statistics. The top half displays both your ATC and your Pilot hours on the network in a numerical form. The bottom half displays more detailed information on the ATC Statistics by breaking it down into 2 categories. The left hand side shows the proportion of ATC time to Pilot time whilst the right hand side breaks down the ATC time into its constituent ratings, showing the time spent on each rating.


Perhaps the most important part of the Dashboard is the settings page. This allows you to manage your personal preferences by providing chooseable options.

  • By default, and in accordance with the GDPR, E-Mail notifications are turned off at standard however can be enabled by the user by selecting "Yes" next to the "Receive Emails" field.
  • Many people also like the use of Dark Mode. This can be applied by clicking "Yes" next to "Enable Dark Mode". Whilst it is present, the main development is focussed on the light theme such that there may be some bugs with the dark theme.
  • Moreover, the settings page allows you to enter a "Custom Email" which overrides the E-Mail given to us by using the SSO Login method. It is thus also displayed in your dashboard overview instead of your VATSIM E-Mail.
  • The last option on the settings page is the Discord link which allows us to link your account on Discord (on the VATSIM Europe Discord Server) to our Management System online.

After making an edit to the preferences, click the "Save Changes" button in the bottom right corner. All settings should now become active.