API Introduction


If you are interested in integrating your own web-project into the VATSIM Europe Region Dashboard, there are a few things you need to watch out for. This section of the documentation will guide you through all the relevant informations required to successfully connect your personal project. Please note that all API URLs use the POST method in order to provide security for the data being received / pushed. The guide will give you an overview of all the URLs from which / to which you can pull or push data to.

Setting Up your API Token

In order to avoid malicious / unwanted requests, our systems use a token system which checks and stores the website from which a GET / POST request has been processed. In order for your to be able to access the VATSIM Europe Region Dashboard API, you will need to request API access through the following page: https://eur.matanbudimir.de/request/api.

{danger} Note: The abuse of the system will result in a permanent IP ban (for the IP of the request origin) and will result in an immediate termination of the API Token.